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We Really Don’t Need to Meet

We need to talk about meetings at FSU. FSU promotes itself as a 21st Century institution and makes a habit of encouraging faculty to leverage technology and best practices in the classroom to reach student learners, but it poorly models these things when it conducts meetings at the college level and above. Bronco Kickoff and mid-year conferences defy what we’ve come to know about teaching and learning. And make no mistake, these meetings are about administrators teaching whil

Our Communication Problem is a Compartmentalization, Community, & Collegiality Problem

FSU is obsessed with the communication habits of its northern neighbor at Fort Bragg. A favorite phrase of chairs, deans, and upper-level administrators is “chain of command,” a military turn of phrase that means, in practice, that the Provost will communicate directly with deans, deans with chairs and assistant chairs, and those folks with faculty. And the reverse. This is a bureaucratic mode of communication that does not reflect best practices or good leadership. Our commu


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