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Faculty Senate Votes to Declare Chancellor Search "Failed"

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

For background information and the latest news on the Chancellor selection, see here.

The Fayetteville State Faculty Senate, which includes elected representatives from every department, school, and college at Fayetteville State University, met in open session today to consider a number of resolutions around the growing controversy of the recent Chancellor selection. Here are the resolutions as passed by the Faculty Senate.

Resolution One:

•WHEREAS, Dr. Peggy Valentine has served with distinction as the Interim Chancellor of Fayetteville State University since August 7, 2019; and

•WHEREAS, Dr. Valentine demonstrated an unmatched commitment to shared governance through sincere and ongoing engagement with faculty, students, alumni, and community stakeholders; and

•WHEREAS, Dr. Valentine deftly navigated the university through state budget challenges and the COVID-19 pandemic all while maintaining the academic integrity of the programs and ensuring the retention of faculty and staff; and

•WHEREAS, Dr. Valentine expanded the reach and impact of the university through strategic partnerships with local community colleges and international universities; and

•WHEREAS, Dr. Valentine fostered a renewed sense of energy and heightened morale among faculty, staff, students, and alumni through community programming and regular town hall-style meetings to hear from the diverse chorus of voices that make up Fayetteville State University;

•Now Therefore, be it resolved that the Faculty Senate of Fayetteville State University, on behalf of the broader faculty body, take official recognition of Dr. Peggy Valentine for her exceptional leadership and outstanding contributions to the university;

•AND be it further resolved that this statement of appreciation be appropriately conveyed to Dr. Peggy Valentine with a copy to be included in the official minutes of the February 2021 meeting of the Faculty Senate.

Resolution Two:

•WHEREAS the media and the FSU National Alumni Association have raised a serious allegation about the chancellor search process, namely that Mr. Allison was not recommended by the search committee,

•WHEREAS such an allegation, if true, places our SACSCOC re-accreditation at risk as the SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation require:

•“An institution to develop a balanced governing structure designed to promote institutional integrity, autonomy, and flexibility of operation.” AND

•“Avoid even the appearance of any conflict of interest as board members carry out their duties”

•WHEREAS it is the belief of the senate that the FSU Board of Trustees has not adhered to this policy regarding institutional integrity and has not avoided “the appearance of any conflict of interest” due to his past political affiliations with current members of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors and the Fayetteville State University Board of Trustees.

•WHEREAS it’s the senate’s belief that complete transparency was not afforded to the search committee, faculty, staff, and community for a position that is state appointed and funded through state tax dollars and

•WHEREAS Mr. Allison’s involvement in the search process is already public record


•Be it resolved that, to restore confidence, the Board of Trustees should release evidence to the Faculty Senate within seven days that Mr. Allison was recommended by the search committee,

•Be it also resolved, that the Faculty Senate will not recommend faculty for administrative search committees until this matter is resolved,

•Be it also resolved, that the FSU Faculty Senate recommends to the UNC Faculty Assembly and other UNC campus faculty bodies that they also refuse to serve on administrative searches until this matter is resolved. Resolution Three:

•Whereas the media and the FSU National Alumni Association have raised a serious allegation about the chancellor search process, namely that Mr. Allison was not recommended by the search committee,

•Whereas faculty participating in the candidate campus visits were required to sign a confidentiality agreement,

•Whereas faculty were not provided with applicant CVs until the time of the meeting,

•Whereas the right to privacy for applicants must be balanced with the right to ensure unqualified candidates are not appointed to senior academic positions,


•Be it resolved that faculty senate will no longer participate in anonymous campus visits,

•Be it resolved that all campus visits for the role of Chancellor and Provost must be advertised to faculty at least five business days in advance of such visits and include resumes for the candidates

Resolution Four

•Whereas the situation is evolving very rapidly on this issue

•Be it resolved that: the Senate authorizes Faculty Senate Executive Committee to constitute itself and members of the campus community to use all legal means necessary to investigate and address matters relating to the Chancellor search crisis.

Resolution Five

•WHEREAS the Board of Trustees acted without due regard for the SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation

•WHEREAS such actions seriously undermined the concept of shared governance, wasted the time of faculty, reduced trust in leadership, and damaged the morale of the entire university community

•WHEREAS Chancellor-Elect Allison lacks the requisite academic experience necessary to serve as the leader of an academic institution

•Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate calls for the Board of Trustees/Board of Governors to

•declare a failed search

•rescind the offer to Chancellor Elect Allison

•reappoint Dr. Valentine as interim chancellor until another search can be concluded with an open and transparent process that adheres to the recommendations of the campus search committee, including the option of a professional search firm.

•preserve FSU’s status as exempt from the new Chancellor search policy as promised when the process was announced in 2020

Resolution Six

•WHEREAS the Chancellor Search Process appears to involve undue influence by UNC System officials and,

•WHEREAS Confidentiality Agreements have been used to quell the rights of citizens to share elements of the search process that should rightly be able to be discussed among members of the campus community, including faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and others,

•BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate objects to the addition of Provost Search Committee members representing the UNC System and FSU’s Legal Affairs division.

•BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Provost search shall be suspended until the Faculty Senate is satisfied with regard to the nature of that process and the makeup of the committee and the issues with the chancellor search have been addressed and resolved to the satisfaction of the Faculty Senate.

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