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Thank you, Chancellor Valentine, for your exemplary approach to shared governance

Over the last 18 months, Fayetteville State University (FSU) faculty members have witnessed two models of leadership. Today, we pause to reflect on the first model.

During Dr. Peggy Valentine’s 18-month tenure, FSU faculty members enjoyed a renewal of shared governance practices, transparent communication, and the conscientious fostering of trust and good will.

This leadership was evident in her approach to shared governance that reenergized faculty morale, including public town hall meetings, close work with the Faculty Senate Chair, and monthly meetings with AAUP Executive Committee members, where Dr. Valentine expressed genuine care and concern for individual and collective faculty needs. It seems clear to us that Dr. Valentine valued the importance of AAUP and faculty voices.

This leadership was evident in her stated plans to focus on faculty welfare and morale, including the development of a campus-based faculty welcome center.

This leadership was evident in her focus on saving faculty and staff jobs, positions, and programs during the budget challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

This leadership was evident in her open, transparent communication and trust building with all members of the FSU community beyond the faculty, including students, staff, alumni, and the citizens of Fayetteville and the region.

Beyond these felt experiences, Dr. Valentine moved the institution forward with positive enrollment trends, strategic partnerships, and other key performance indicators.

As the University looks to the days and weeks to come, we do so with the expectation of open, honest, forthright, and transparent leadership, focused on the spirit and morale of FSU’s employees and stakeholders, and following in the spirit, tone, and mutual respect offered by Dr. Valentine.

We wish Dr. Valentine all the best.

Chancellor Valentine signs agreement with Wayne Community College that permits its graduates to finish at Fayetteville State at a total cost of no more than $10,000

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